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Wouldn't it be amazing if wellness could just be simplified

If you could learn exactly what you should be doing and understand why you're doing it?

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How the 8 Dimensions of Wellness will Improve Your life

introductory course

  • Covers all 8 Dimensions of Wellness - emotional, physical, spiritual, social, intellectual, environmental, financial, and occupational
  • Guided video instruction
  • Tips for improving each dimension
  • Broken down into 8 easy to digest sections, one per day
  • Increases your awareness so you can begin your wellness journey well informed
  • 5-page guided notes PDF download

I was like you once, I too thought I could fix all my problems by just doing 3 simple things.

Diet, exercise, and some self-care thrown in when I could find the time.

3 simple things and everything would magically fall into place.

When things didn’t fall into place, and I continued down a path of unhappiness and poor health, I started questioning all I was taught.


That’s when I stumbled across the idea of these 8 aspects of wellness.

Upon researching further, I realized
I was missing the mark, big time. So I decided to dig even deeper into wellness.

I wanted wellness to be my lifestyle, not just some fad.

So I decided to get serious and became a
Certified Wellness Coach.

I learned so much between this coaching certificate program and my own research that I grew my thinking and eventually it evolved into this concept of
placing all my focus on these 8 Dimensions of Wellness.

I discovered through
research and training, that by working on each of these 8 aspects individually and consistently, only then you can begin to reach your wellness goals.

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