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But before you go I wanna know...

Are you good enough for your family?

Who decides what's enough and what isn't?

Guess who? 

You do.

And that might be the problem.

I get it...

it's hard to know if you're making the right choices for your family...

I mean, it's not like parenting comes with a manual.

I wish!

The choices you make for your family and even for yourself could potentially be screwing them up.

But, how can you know?

Who determines what is the right and wrong things to do anyway?

Some other parent who swears by all the things they did that led to the wonderful success they had raising their kids?

Maybe, but I don't buy it.

Because the problem with that is...well...people.

Cookie cutter plans don't work when it comes to people. Your kids are no different. They have their own unique personalities after all.

You could do everything "they" tell you to do and end up with completely different results.

I mean some things make perfect sense, right? Of course you're going to teach your kids about the dangers of crossing the street or laughing when you're eating. But it gets way more complicated when you start making decisions about things that can potentially "scar them for life" emotionally.

You want what is best for your kids. Period.

"So what's the solution?" 

I've wondered the same thing over the years...

I said before, every one is unique. You likely already know this better than most, especially if you have more than one child.

Therefore, your parenting style will need to be fluid. Meaning ready to change at any time. Be flexible.


There will always be an aspect of your parenting style that will be at the core of all the decisions you make.


That core is all about you.

Who you are as a person.

Shy or Outgoing?

Fearless or Timid?

 Friendly or Anti-social?

This core will determine your parenting style.

Furthermore, that core is about you and how you want to project yourself. It's how you want to be seen by others. And it may be different from those other moms who you keep comparing yourself with.

They have their own set of struggles, believe me, everyone does. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you can stop judging your decisions by what other people are doing or saying.

The absolute best way to approach parenting is by getting your head on straight. If you're all screwed up inside, how can you expect to effectively parent?

Plus, comparing yourself to others or worrying about what you think they are thinking about you, will only leave you feeling unhappy and inadequate.

You will never feel like you are good enough.

And the hard truth is, neither will your kids - ouch!

I can help. 

This inadequacy you are feeling is a direct result of a lack of confidence in yourself.  

Which is exactly why I created this for you... 

Self-Confidence Building Workshop

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This workshop offers...

Personal Assessment

Get an idea of where you stand so you'll know how much work lies ahead. This assessment will determine your current level of self-confidence.

Simple Habits

How to easily incorporate simple habits and practices that will help you improve your self-confidence and understand that you are exactly what they need.

Mindset Shifts

Learn how to acknowledge your thoughts and figure out how to reframe them so you can finally quiet that negative inner voice.


Easy-to-follow, sustainable advice and practical tips that empower you to make life-long changes without compromising anything.

Goal Setting

I'll show you how to use goal setting to help you improve your confidence by setting goals that mean something to you and not ones that you think others expect of you.

Great Value

PLUS: You'll get to discover all this and more inside this workshop developed by me, a certified health coach and normally priced at $97... on sale now for an awesome price!

I've been there too...

I used to think being a mom meant putting your life on hold to raise your family. I figured some day, after my kids were grown, I'd finally have time to do things for me, if I could just get through the next 10 years.

But, my body and mind had other plans. 

You see, I had given all I had to give to being the best mom I knew how to be for my family. I gave them all my time and energy, until I had nothing left to give.

Through research and becoming a Certified Health Coach,

what started out as a cry for help, ended up becoming a complete life transformation for me.

I discovered I had four distinctive struggles I was facing:

1. I was completely drained

2. I was trying to do too much

3. I was full of self-doubt

4. I didn't know who I was anymore

I finally understood how by methodically "fixing" each of these areas I could improve each of my four struggles.

Now, I want to share all I learned with you!

Hi! I'm Cheryl

This workshop will help you...

self confidence building
  • Understand the impact confidence has on your life
  • Take specific actionable steps to improve your self-confidence
  • Discover how to reevaluate your negative thoughts
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Learn how to appreciate small successes
  • Stop over-identifying your missteps 

Ready to decide that you can be enough?

What you need is to build up your self-confidence until you believe that you are capable.

That you are enough.


That you are exactly the right person for the job.

Your family needs you to be there for them.

These little creatures look to you for guidance and love.

What do you want them to see when they look at you?

What do you want to teach them?

Show them that you accept responsibility for them and that you are up for the challenge.

Show them that even though you may not always have all the answers, you are confident in your ability to maneuver any obstacle that comes your way.

Are you ready to lead by example?

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