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Take a deep dive into one of the 8 dimensions, then take what you learn and use it to transform your life.

You know you should be taking better care of yourself, but you just don't know where to start and can't find the motivation to do it.

Let's face it, we all could be managing our well-being more effectively, right?

How many times have you wanted to start, but for whatever reason, you keep putting it off until tomorrow?

Maybe it's because you think it's going to require too much time and planning and you just can't right now.

The Problem

  • You know that putting off wellness in any area of your life, doesn't make it go away, in fact, it likely makes it worse.
  • Ignoring your poor eating habits, leads to more physical problems and lower self-esteem.
  • Paying just the minimums on your credit cards means you are drowning in interest.
  • Avoiding confrontation in your relationship just drives a bigger wedge between you, making it even harder to repair.

How can you stop this vicious cycle of procrastination and start making your personal wellness a priority?


I'm Cheryl

Owner - Green Teas & Chickpeas

Confession time!

I'm kind of lazy by nature. I've always known I should do a better job of taking care of my health, but when it came down to it, it just seemed like too much time and effort to bother.

I mean I always been conscious of my habits and have tried to take steps to keep myself relatively healthy -ish. Such as, trying to eat more than just potato chips, parking a little further away at the grocery store, and maybe doing some self-care when I could find the time. I mean that's eating healthy, exercising, and me time, right? 3 simple things and everything would be alright.

I was wrong.

As I continued down a path of unhappiness and poor health, I started questioning my plan of action, pathetic as it was.


That’s when I stumbled across the idea of these 8 aspects of wellness. Upon researching further, I realized I was missing the mark, big time. So I decided to dig even deeper into wellness. I wanted wellness to be my lifestyle, not just some fad.

So I decided to get serious and became a 
Certified Wellness Coach. I learned so much between this coaching certificate program and my own research that I grew my thinking and eventually it evolved into this concept of placing all my focus on these 8 Dimensions of Wellness

I discovered through
 research and training, that by working on each of these 8 aspects individually and consistently, only then you can begin to reach your wellness goals

The Solution

What if...

  • Managing your wellness didn't take a lot of extra time and was actually uplifting?
  • You had a clear idea of which steps you should be taking for each area in your wellness journey will save you time.
  • You knew exactly what to do to repair each area makes it way less stressful and you'll rest easier because you know you're doing the right things.
  • You had straightforward actions that encourage you while giving you manageable solutions that are easy to track, keeps you excited and engaged. 

That's exactly what these mini-courses will do for you.

How the 8 Dimensions of Wellness will Improve Your life

What you'll get:

  • Guided Step by Step Instruction
    Each mini course includes detailed instruction giving you the why and how wellness is the solution.
  • Daily Activities
    Focused daily exercises that target specific areas of each dimension.
  • Printable PDF worksheets
    Each exercise includes a worksheet to help guide you further and give you a place to refer back to in the future.
  • Walkthrough for Creating a Wellness Plan.
    Each mini-course ends with a section on making your very own wellness plan going forward. Allowing you to take what you have learned and apply it to your life.
  • Access to our Facebook Community 
    Once subscribed to any of our 8 Dimensions of Wellness courses, you will be granted access to our community which offers additional support from us and other members.

Each 7-day course will walk you through an in-depth look at one dimension.

Each day you will complete an exercise that will help you gain a deeper understanding of a particular area of wellness. 

Each activity comes with a downloadable PDF that you can use over and over again.

Learn Wellness managing skills you can take with you and continue to use long after you finish the course.

These courses will take you from a novice to an authority in just 7 days!

Learn exactly which skills you need to manage and thrive in each area of wellness.

Where would you like to begin?

Take one of our 7 day journeys to self-discovery and better health.

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Class begins 1/31/21

Discover the finer details of emotional health, moods, and mental health.

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Class begins 2/14/21

Gain an understanding of what it means to have physical wellness through healthy eating, exercise, and rest.

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Class begins 2/28/21

Discover your purpose and find your place in the world around you.

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